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Eight years ago I suffered two strokes and leukaemia at the same time. The part of my brain which was affected by the stokes was my visual cortex, which mean that I lost some of my vision. A persons vision is split into four quartiles and I lost most of the bottom two. Even though I can still see fine for day to day activities, it appears the only thing I cannot do is pass the driver licence test where you put your head into the machine.

Fast forward eight years of having my husband drive me everywhere, I decided I would get my independence back and look at purchasing a mobility scooter. It was at this time that my husband Garry started to look into what defined a 'mobility scooter'. He saw that there were engine size restrictions for limiting how fast you could go however nothing to do with physical size. As you can imagine we thought "why not a really small car?" and this is what we have come up with.

As like any ordinary 'mobility scooter' these should only be used on the footpath, venturing on to the cycle lane when appropriate.


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